Best Online Gambling Bonuses

We have picked out the best bonuses on the internet that are offered to players in our country. These bonuses have been separated into three main categories: Poker, Casino and Bingo.

There are different types of gambling bonuses that we will present to you. These include match bonuses, deposit bonuses and rakeback bonuses. For each different type of gambling bonus, you will need to know certain rules that you will have to follow in order to receive and utilize this bonus. We will spell this out for you where it is appropriate.

Best Gambling Bonus in United Kingdom

The one thing that you must know right away is that you will always find better bonuses with the UK gambling sites that are listed here then you will find at any gambling site that allows players from the United States. These companies that allow bets from US players are technically break their laws so the bonus terms tend to be very unfavourable.

Specifically, the wagering requirements for these bonuses tend to be too high so the player is more likely to bust out before they can finish the bonus. Fortunately, it is easy to tell which gambling sites allow bets from Americans because it is usually the first thing you will see when you enter their site.

best gambling bonuses uk

What to look for at online casino sites?

Here’s the main things you should look out for when you are about to accept a gambling bonus:

Can I cash the bonus money out or is the bonus money just for betting purposes? Most of the time, the cashable bonuses are the ones that you will want to play. Therefore, these are the bonuses that will be promoted more often on this website.

Does the bonus offered look too good to be true? The best gambling bonus that you will find is the cashable bonus. This means you can withdraw the bonus money. Most of the bonuses shown for casinos are going to match bonuses. This means you deposit £100 and you receive £100 extra in your account. Watch out for the online casinos that offer a bonus that is more than 200%. You almost certainly will not be able to cash the bonus out. There also is likely to be rules that prevent you from playing certain games with the bonus.

Are the bonus rules clearly posted on their website? Bonuses with terms that are hidden in the back of a gambling website are more likely to have lots of rules that prevent players from being able to cash out.

Is the bonus offered one-time only or can you receive multiple/monthly/reload bonuses? The best gambling sites usually are able to offer a monthly bonus to its players. The other alternative is that this gambling site will offer at least a couple of reload bonuses on your subsequent deposits.

Poker Bonuses

When it comes to Poker Bonuses, you primarily are talking one of two things: Welcome Bonuses and Rakeback. A lot of the time, you have to choose either one or the other. You can’t accept a welcome bonus and expect to collect rakeback as well.

A welcome bonus in poker works a little bit differently then with Casinos and Bingo. Most of the time, the bonus money isn’t awarded up front; you have to earn the bonus money by playing in raked hands or tournaments.

The bonus money is awarded to you in a certain increment, say £5 at a time. You will earn bonus points by playing in raked hands and also by paying tournament fees. These bonus points will be converted into the bonus money, say 10 points to every £1 earned.

Rakeback works completely the opposite. You still make your deposit and play raked poker hands and tournaments; but you do not accumulate points or get the bonus released to you. Instead, you will be given a portion of your raked hands and tournament entry fees back at the end of a cycle. You will usually get the percentage of your rake back at the end of the month. If you paid £100 in raked hand fees, you might expect to receive 40% of the rakeback and receive £40 in your account at the end of the month.

Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses are the most ubiquitous of the gambling bonuses out there. If it is an online casino, then it has a bonus to offer to you. Just because a casino offers a bonus doesn’t mean it is a good bonus or one that you should play. There are certain things to be aware of when you are thinking about accepting an online casino bonus.

Above all, be sure you read the bonus terms and conditions before you make a deposit. These should be a relatively short list of requirements that you need to follow before you can cash money out of your casino account.

First, ask yourself if this bonus include most casino games or is it primarily for online slots? If it is a slots only bonus, you probably are in an online casino located outside of the UK. Don’t accidentally accept a casino bonus that only allows play at the slots when you wanted to play blackjack and other table games. Also, casino games like baccarat, roulette and craps might not be allowed to play if you accept a casino bonus. This is especially true when you are talking about online casinos that cater to the Americans. That is the main reason that I would avoid playing at any casino that isn’t licensed in England.

The second thing you need to know is the proper wagering requirements that you should be expecting. Most of the good casino bonuses have a wagering requirement between 20 and 30 time the bonus and deposit/transfer combined. This will be different and much higher if you do not live in the UK. Many other European countries have to play wagering requirements of 50 times or more before they can request a transfer. If you stumble into an online casino geared towards Americans, they will most likely have 20 times wagering requirements for slots and 60 times or more for all other games, if these games are allowed at all.

The last thing you need to look at is which software an online casino is using. I would recommend online casinos that use the following casino software providers: Microgaming online casinos, Playtech, Net Entertainment, Party Gaming, Random Logic and Sg Digital. This encompasses hundreds of online casinos, but we will narrow down the search for you. Conversely, there are some casino software providers that you should avoid. Online casinos that use the following software should be avoided: Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming, Top Game, Parlay Entertainment and Vegas Technology. There are too many good choices out there to select one of these casinos.

Bingo Bonuses

Bingo is another game that has players on both sides of the Atlantic. The games are primarily the same but are played two different ways in England and in the US. 90 ball bingo is the primary style played here. This involves a 3×9 ticket with 3 lines and 5 numbers on each line. The goal is to cover all the numbers in a line or to cover all 15 numbers on the ticket for a full house.

You will see the 75 ball bingo game offered from time to time. This is a 5×5 card with numbers on every square. The goal is to cover a line of 5 numbers in any direction.

When it comes to online bingo bonus, you should think the same way as with the casino bonuses. You should read multiple bingo reviews from different sites before you make a deposit. You should only really thing about playing at bingo rooms that are located in the UK; because most of the other bingo websites are not worth the time. Not only are the UK bingo sites much more popular, but the bonuses offered at those other sites are full of rules that prevent players from being able to cash out; or at the very least you will have to buy so many tickets that you might as well have not played with a bonus.

The Bingo Bonus isn’t supposed to be complicated. There are only a couple of rules that you have to follow. First, you probably will only be allowed to use the bonus money for purchasing bingo tickets. This is because the rollover for bingo bonuses should only be between 2 and 4 times. Any more than that and it isn’t worth playing with a bonus. If the bonus allows side games like slots, the rollover for wagers on the side games will be closer to 15 times or so.